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With a growing number of regulatory requirements relating to risk management and ownership structures, the degree of responsibility borne by business management continues to rise. While most international groups pay attention to fulfilling the internal governance and compliance regulations of their parent companies, their foreign branches are often exposed to significant risks. 

PwC Legal supports you in keeping track of regulatory requirements and has in-depth knowledge of global and legal organisational structures. Our worldwide network of lawyers and corporate governance experts is well versed in dealing with different national business practices and compliance requirements and offers you a full-service approach that goes well beyond traditional legal advice.

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Compliance and Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance & Board Oversight

Compliance with corporate governance rules no longer only affects listed companies, but all companies which need to ensure that their employees behave in accordance with the rules.

The PwC Legal team assists you in creating legal frameworks, which, in addition to governing the duties and oversight of management bodies, also ensure timely communication by decision-makers about changes in the legal situation or market practices.

Additionally, we can assist you in all matters relating to corporate and capital market law.

Regulatory Governance

Regulatory governance is primarily associated with government interventions in business and the economy. Here, however, we are talking about measures taken by companies, (international) organisations, and associations from a wide variety of areas and industries for the purpose of establishing their own rules and decision-making processes or subjecting these to review.

Companies are often faced with the challenge of having to deal with the requirements of non-state actors in addition to legal requirements.

The PwC Legal Team will be happy to support you in developing and reviewing your own rules and decision-making processes. In addition, we can advise you on all issues relating to the topic of regulatory governance and dealing with non-state actors in the context of business activities.

Advice on governance obligations and responsibilities

Corporate governance encompasses the rights, tasks, obligations, and responsibilities of corporate bodies, employees, and other stakeholders, such as those of a company’s partners or shareholders. In short: Corporate governance provides the legal framework for managing and controlling a company. 

The PwC Legal team will be happy to assist you in implementing a comprehensive compliance management system to ensure compliance with governance obligations and responsibilities within your company.

Corporate documentation

Transparent and proper corporate documentation is a valuable foundation for an efficiently managed company. In addition to making work considerably easier and thus conserving resources, it can protect managing directors and board members from liability risks.

As company executives are required to implement a system for the early detection of developments and risks that could threaten the continued existence of the company, those members of the management who violate this obligation may be liable to pay damages to the company under the terms of their contracts.

The PwC Legal team will be happy to assist you in preparing transparent and proper corporate documentation. In addition to liability aspects, the focus lies also on practical considerations such as sufficient transparency.

Preparation of general meetings and shareholders’ meetings

Important decisions in corporations and partnerships are generally made in general meetings or shareholders’ meetings. As disagreements or disputes may arise between shareholders or partners, careful preparation is required to be ready for all eventualities.

The PwC Legal Team will support you both in the run-up to and during a general meeting or shareholders’ meeting if the focus is on the exercise of rights and obligations. Of course, you can also count on us in the aftermath of general meetings, especially when it comes to obtaining information and defending against or enforcing challenges and actions for annulment.

Preparation of minutes & resolutions

In addition to preparing a general meeting or shareholders’ meeting carefully, it is also crucial to ensure that the meeting is properly carried out. As disagreements or disputes may arise between shareholders or partners, the utmost care is required when drawing up minutes and resolutions.

The PwC Legal team will be happy to assist you in preparing and drawing up minutes and resolutions at general meetings or shareholders’ meetings. This includes both drafting shareholder resolutions and reviewing their legal effectiveness. Of course, you can also count on us afterwards, especially when it comes to enforcing resolutions or defending against challenges and actions for annulment.

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