Dispute Resolution & Contracts

We advise on all legal issues relating to dispute resolution and contracts

Even optimally designed contracts cannot always protect you from later litigation – but they can increase your chances of enforcing your claims efficiently. PwC Legal will support you as a competent partner with tailored strategies and solutions. We offer fast, efficient advice from our contract and civil proceedings experts, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools for contract design.

Our experts combine industry knowledge with comprehensive international experience and can address your concerns from a global perspective. Together with PwC’s experts in tax, advisory, and assurance, we offer you a full-service approach that goes well beyond traditional legal advice.

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Compliance and Corporate Governance

Our Expertise

Contract design & negotiation

The PwC Legal team designs contracts to meet your specific requirements and supports you during negotiations with contractual partners. If necessary, we can also rely on PwC’s global network for aspects such as the tax implications of contract design. Coordination is fast and efficient.

We have deep knowledge and comprehensive experience in general contract advice, consumer protection law, insurance contract law, as well as the design of general terms and conditions. 

Settlement negotiation; risk assessment & strategic advice regarding the enforceability of claims

The PwC Legal team has the required know-how to assert your interests before any involvement of the courts in a strategic way to ensure success in practice. In addition, we support you with legal risk assessments, creating a solid basis for essential management decisions. Where required, we involve additional experts from the global PwC network for fast and efficient assessment of risks.

Representation before courts (public courts, arbitration tribunals)

In serious cases, we can of course represent you before public courts and arbitration tribunals. The PwC Legal team has comprehensive experience in disputes. Thanks to the global PwC network, we can also offer you efficient support in cross-border issues by involving our member firms and thus provide you with optimal representation.

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Axel Thoß

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