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With increased digitalisation, the importance of data protection compliance continues to grow. Companies are constantly faced with new requirements that have an impact on data protection. The latest technologies and client expectations need to be considered, while the volume of data is also increasing exponentially.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directly affects all companies that process the personal data of EU citizens.

For this reason, PwC Legal works with you to evaluate measures to guarantee data protection compliance. We identify potential improvements and alternative courses of action for your organisation, while also taking account of your legal data protection requirements.

Compliance and Corporate Governance

Together with PwC’s experts in tax, advisory, and assurance, we offer you an efficient, full-service approach that goes well beyond traditional legal advice.

Our Expertise

Individual status-quo analysis of your company

The implementation of GDPR requirements can create significant difficulties for companies. Data protection risks are frequently not recognised or not covered by appropriate monitoring. The PwC Legal team analyses your legal, organisational, and technical protection measures and identifies potential risks and required actions in your company.

In collaboration with IT experts from the PwC network, we will put together a package of measures including possible courses of action. These function both to protect the data in your company and to guarantee the confidentiality of trade secrets. 

Data processing records & data protection impact assessments

The GDPR requires companies to bear increased responsibilities. Data controllers within the meaning of the GDPR must maintain a record of data processing activities.

The PwC Legal team supports you together with IT experts from the PwC network in assessing the risks associated with data processing.

Privacy policies & data protection agreements

The GDPR stipulates that data subjects should be informed about the processing of their personal data in a clear and comprehensible manner. Furthermore, companies must verify their processing activities with regard to the necessity of concluding data protection agreements.

The PwC Legal team is happy to support you in the preparation and design of GDPR-compliant privacy policies, data protection agreements, and other legal documents.

Labour law implementation and negotiations with the works council

In consultation with our labour law experts, we would be glad to support you in implementing HR processes in your company that comply with data protection regulations. Where required, we provide you with support in the context of negotiations with the works council.

Support when reporting personal data breaches and observing the rights of data subjects

Have you had a data breach? The PwC Legal team, together with IT experts from the PwC network, will analyse the extent of the data breach and the associated data protection risk for your company In addition, we are happy to provide advice on the planning and implementation of the required counter-measures.

If required, we can provide support when reporting personal data breaches to the competent supervisory authority and the data subjects.

Have you taken all the rights of data subjects into account? The GDPR requires data controllers to observe the rights of data subjects (e.g. access, erasure, rectification). We would be glad to provide support in connection with the implementation of GDPR-compliant processes to fulfil the rights of data subjects.

Provision of an external data protection officer

If your company is required to appoint a data protection officer, or voluntarily decides to do so, we can act as an external data protection officer, offering an efficient alternative to an ‘in-house’ solution.

Working together with data protection experts from the PwC network, we can cover the technical and organisational aspects of data processing quickly and in an uncomplicated manner.

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