Rule Keeper: KV Handel NEU

Digital transition to the new collective bargaining agreement for white collar workers in trade

By 1 January 2022 at the latest, all employees in the trade sector must be reclassified to the new salary system under the KV Handel NEU.

In addition to the classification of each individual employee in the new employment group system, the transfer also requires, among other things, the determination of the new minimum salary under the collective bargaining agreement and the issue of a transfer service note.

With Rule Keeper, we offer our clients a way to switch all their employees quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively. The tool provides assistance with classification, calculates differentials (so-called ‘reform amounts’) and overpayments, and automatically creates the transfer service note. At the end you will receive a transfer protocol for the entire company to ensure that the process is fully documented.

KV Handel

Switching with Rule Keeper

1. Start

The tool guides you step-by-step through a catalogue of questions. You only need to answer the questions that are relevant in your specific case, thus saving you time.

2. Receive classification NEW

Once you have answered all the questions, you will receive an overview of all the main results. You will have the option to go back to individual questions and adjust your answers.

3. Download transfer service note

Once you are done with the assessment, you can click to create the transfer service note and download it easily.

4. Receive data in a structured way

Once you have completed all classifications for your company, we will send you the transfer protocol. This enables you to feed data into other systems and to quickly and easily understand at any later time how the relevant classifications were determined.

Your advantages:

Time saved

Thanks to an efficient and structured query process, our Rule Keeper application will take you to the correct classification of an employee in approx. 15 minutes, and at the end you will automatically receive the completed transfer service note. This means you save 90% of the time normally needed.

Compliance & Transparency

In our Rule Keeper application, all information is processed in a structured manner. It is therefore possible to receive complete documentation of all processes in the form of a clear transfer protocol. With no additional work required. This means you will always be able to understand the results and decisions quickly and easily, even in retrospect.

Ready for use immediately

Our solution for the digitised switch to KV Handel NEU is ready to use right away. No time-consuming implementation is required on your part. All you need is internet access and you’re ready to get started.


Basic Product


The basic package for all small trade sector companies in Austria looking for quick but reliable help in training their employees.

EUR 1,490.- per report

  • 1 to 9 employees
  • Classification and calculation of new KV minimum salary
  • Transfer service note
  • Collective transfer protocol
  • 1-hour preliminary meeting and training
Premium Product


The flexible all-round package for all companies with 10 or more employees that want to be advised during the transfer period.

EUR 180.- per employee (exclusive of VAT)

  • 10+ employees
  • Classification and calculation of new KV minimum salary
  • Transfer service note
  • Collective transfer protocol
  • 2 hours of consulting including preliminary meeting and training
Tailor Made Product


Do you need a tailor-made solution? We would be happy to put together an individual package for you and take care of implementation.

Price on request

  • 10+ employees
  • Training and calculation of new KV minimum salary
  • Transfer service note
  • Collective transfer protocol
  • Consulting hours according to individual agreement
  • Preliminary meeting & training
  • Review of contracts

*  Assumes that for an average trading company with ten employees, the in-house time required (including time for training and education) is around 2.5 hours per employee.